The Policy is absolutely transparent as per Govt. Guidelines with 25% Seats reserved for EWS/DG Category Students in each Class who aren’t charged Tuition or any other sort of Fee and are also issued Free Books, Uniform and Writing Material.

The Fee for the General Category is quite ‘Nominal, w.r.t. other Private Schools as well as that there is never any ad-hoc hike in-between any Session. Also, there is ‘ZERO CAPITATION FEE’ for the Entry Level (Class-I in ‘Blooming Buds Public School’ or Pre-Nursery in ‘Blooming Buds Play School’) as well as for the Higher Classes depending upon the availability of Seat as per Capacity of the Class. The Students have to fill ‘Admission Form’ available at the Front Desk, the scrutiny of which entitles them for Admission after verification of their antecedents and depositing the Fee as per its Structural Elements.

The Age entitled for Admission in various Classes of the above 2 Schools is as under :
Pre-Nursery (Red Rose) = 2+ Years
Nursery (Yellow Tulip) = 3+ Years
K.G. (White Lily) = 4+ Years
Class-I (Pink Lotus) = 5+ Years
Class-II (Blue Iris) = 6+ Years
Class-III = 7+ Years
Class-IV = 8+ Years
Class-V = 9+ Years
Class-VI = 10+ Years
Class-VII = 11+ Years
  Class-VIII = 12+ Years